Geluidenfabriek is the music of Simon van Weelden
Erna was active till 2018.

In 1999 Erna joined the band in which Simon was active in, called Djinn Djinni. Simon was also making music with Jantje Jonkman, an acoustic duo. Erna soon joined Simon and Jantje, together they formed the band Sweet hereafter. In 2001 Simon began experimenting with multitrack recordings and that resulted in the debut album(2003) of Projekt67 with Jantje Jonkman and Erna on vocals.

In 2007 Projekt67 released their second album called 'You give me music', an album well received by critics. In 2009 'Dat ik niets heb', their third album, was released. After that they released an EP called 'De Contourenman' and a soundtrack 'De Reis' which was inspired by the book 'Tibet, Waar de aarde de hemel raakt' written by Carlo van de Valk and was meant to accompany the book. But the book+CD was never released.

In 2014 Projekt67 released their last album 'De Eenheid'.

In april 2016 Projekt67 changed their name into Geluidenfabriek.

The debut album of Geluidenfabriek was released in april 2017. Simon: "I was fascinated by the sound of Geordie Walker, the guitarist of Killing Joke. He has this sound that is massive and fills up the entire frequency spectrum. When you turn it off, your ears suddenly are without this pressure and that feels strange. I wanted to make a sound that's massive and overwhelming but not intrusive. The base of most my songs is some kind of surrounding all-frequency-sound with little movement, in which the music is embedded".

From 2017 to 2018 Simon was working on several pieces at the same time. They naturally fell apart into two albums: the EP: No. 2 and the instrumental album: Interferentie.

In 2019 Geluidenfabriek releases 3 albums:

Februari 1, 2019: 'Firmament'. "On two tracks of this album I was using a cut-up techique: making a song and then select small parts, loop these small parts. Through away the rest of the song. And then recreate a new song with these small parts".

June 29, 2019: 'Duotoon' is an experimental album made with the use of ebow-guitar, electric-guitar, acoustic piano, drums, metal objects, field recording and sonic treatment. "On this album I balance between harmony and noise. Musique concrète (which to me is more about sound than music) was one of my influences".

August 30, 2019: 'GF-06' is an ambient album with the use of E-bow guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, tape-recoder, found objects and analog synths.

Geluidenfabriek in 2020

Simon wrote about the 'Harmonische vervorming' album: "I am fascinated by the sound of my old acoustic guitar. It has a rich, warm/bright sound. 'Cluster' was the first song I recorded and it sets the mood for this album. On every song on this album I have used acoustic instruments because they are lively and produce unpredicted sounds. I treated and processed most of these recordings but maintained their rich sound. Combined with electronic guitar sounds I created my sonic landscapes." The album was released march 17, 2020.

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