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January 17, 2018 Soundtrack for 'Luchtschip'


New song with video clip: Signaal-ruisverhouding

Wereldwijd 50 muzikanten en meer dan 250 remixers, https://www.facebook.com/bsideprojectHQ. B-side is een remix project in de UK in samenwerking met Sound on Sound magazine. Wij zijn een van de uitverkorenen en doen mee met onze track "Mijn Klein Kind":

Mischa van Leeuwen van het Scapino Ballet heeft het nummer Bliss van de Geluidenfabriek gebruikt voor één van zijn dansstukken bij de voorstellingen van Made in Rotterdam 2017


Zaterdag 26 april 2017, resencie uit Rusland van Meticulous Midgets over ons nieuwe album

We hebben een hele mooie recensie uit Rusland.

De Russische tekst is hier te vinden: http://stopcran.ru/news/geluidenfabriek_geluidenfabriek_2017/2017-04-26-176.
Hieronder toch ook maar de Engelse vertaling.

We hasten to share the wonderful news that came to us from the city of Groningen, the Netherlands. On April 20, 2017, the duo GELUIDENFABRIEK presented their new and absolutely magical album.

What can be said about this music? Fortunately, not much because it makes you want to listen to it, over and over again. At the same time the flow of thoughts, rational interpretations, comparisons and judgments completely stops. The language of music here is much broader and richer than the language of speech. And rightly so!

Probably with music like this it should be so - any unnecessary word simply hinders, leads away and distracts from the hypnotic essence of these fragile and extremely fleeting states.

Nevertheless, a few right words I would like to quote here. They belong to the great Chinese sage Zhuang Zhou and were said more than 2,000 years ago just about such music, and maybe not even about music: “I employed notes which did not have that wearying effect. I blended them together as at the command of spontaneity. Hence they came as if following one another in confusion, like a clump of plants springing from one root, or like the music of a forest produced by no visible form. They spread themselves all around without leaving a trace (of their cause); and seemed to issue from deep obscurity where there was no sound. Their movements came from nowhere; their home was in the deep darkness - conditions which some would call death, and some life; some, the fruit, and some, (merely) the flower. Those notes, moving and flowing on, separating and shifting, and not following any regular sounds, the world might well have doubts about them, and refer them to the judgment of a sage, for the sages understand the nature of this music, and judge in accordance with the prescribed (spontaneity)”. (Chuang Tzu, chapter 14, translated by James Legge).

Separate attention is deserved by video installations accompanying some compositions of the album. This must be seen!


28 juni 2016, Nieuw minimal stukje muziek: Static

Nieuw minimal nummer: Static, op Youtube kun je de clip zien:


25 juni 2016, Clip voor de song 'De zangeres'.

Ik heb een clip gemaakt voor de song: De zangeres
Op Youtube kun je de clip zien:


20 juni 2016, Nieuw nummer met clip: Lost and found

Nieuw nummer: Lost and found. Op Youtube kun je de clip zien:


22 april 2016, improvisatieconcert

Vrijdag 22 april was de eerste editie van het Hoogkerker Impro Festival, met toneel, muziek en dichtkunst, bij Hart van Hoogkerk (Theresiakapel, Zuiderweg 38). Thema van deze avond: ‘Als de koning komt...’
Geen scene was voorbereid, alles ontstond ter plekke. Het publiek hielp mee, met suggesties waaruit de artiesten hun inspiratie haalden. Aanwezig waren de improvisatiemuzikanten Erna en Simon van Weelden, improvisatieacteurs van theater­sportvereniging Ulteam, Erik Keuning (klankschalen) en blokfluitist Anneke Hoekman. Soms had de muziek de leiding, soms het toneel, soms was het in het samenspel niet meer te onderscheiden.


06 april 2016

De nieuwe naam voor het muziekproject van Simon en Erna van Weelden is Geluidenfabriek. Alle muziek die ze vanaf nu uitbrengen gaat onder die naam. Simon en Erna werken al 17 jaar muzikaal samen, sinds 2003 onder de naam Projekt67 en nu dus Geluidenfabriek. Nieuwste songs staan alweer klaar, te beluisteren onder andere via Soundcloud:


21-03-2016, De russische website: Meticulous Midgets heeft een artikel aan Projekt67 gewijd over het album 'De eenheid'..



Hier de vertaling in het engels.

Modest and unpretentious name Projekt67 hides the amazing musical and family duo from from Groningen (Netherlands) - Simon van Weelden and his wife Erna van Weelden. Simon - composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and experimenter. He plays the guitars, synthesizers, percussion instruments. Erna is the owner of the magic voice and plays the piano.

The world of music lives and develops only owing to musicians who strive to sound the way as it tells of their inner tuning fork, that is, without amendments on market conditions and commercial outcomes. It is because of such people there are new trends, genres, and the music itself is still not fully dissolved in the depths of plastic consumer products. Such creativity is usually called avant-garde. The essence of any avant-garde in the fleeting beauty - when the novelty wave breaks on the open space and enlivens all around for a brief moment. Then it starts quickly to petrify providing solid ground for the secondary waves of imitators and artisans. Projekt67 is that wonderful moment of avant-garde and a shiver of novelty when the wave has not yet solidified, leaving a feeling of live frailness and trembling. When the music is still alive, fragile, almost potential. This music is not like anything. On the one hand it is natural and simple (that simplicity when the inner essence indistinguishable from the external form). But on the other hand, it is a kind of primal beauty, wildness and spontaneity. Perhaps the first music on Earth looked so. Perhaps an orchestra of the far future will sound so when all possible forms of music would be exhausted. And that is how this music sounds here and now!

At the same time, the musical mastery of Projekt67 is at a very high professional level. Erna's voice sounds easily and powerfully, giving a solid vocal-choral training. Simon is a true artist that uses canvas of silence and strokes of fancy colored sounds. Many of their songs musicians accompany with the stunning videos. During live performances, they only play improvisations, considering an ordinary recreating music is lifeless.

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